Kavita Kundra [Raj Kundra's first wife] Biography/Wiki, Daughter, Family, Age, Instagram Details And Many More...

Kavita Kundra is the most popular British-Indian Businessman Raj Kundra's 1st wife. Raj Kundra is a very famous and popular Indian-origin businessman. Currently, he works in London. In 2021 means currently, he is CEO and Director of UK TradeCorp Ltd (United Kingdom Trade Corporation Limited) in London. In 2004, Raj Kundra made 200 Richest people in the UK (United Kingdom) at London in Britain category.

Biography Raj Kundra First Wife and child

Kavita Kundra, Raj Kundra and Shilpa Shetty

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Kavita Kundra Biography/Wiki

Kavita Kundra is the Ex-wife of Raj Kundra. Kavita Kundra also belongs to a businessman Family in India. Kavita was born in London in the UK. That's why she has completed his schooling in a Local high school in London.

Raj Kundra Wife Name

Then she meets Raaj Kundra in London for the first time after schooling and college. When she meets with Raj for the first time that time Raj Kundra was a Diamond merchant.

At that time Kavita Kundra's Father Bal Krishan was very impressed with Raj and then he decided on the marriage between Kavita and Raj. And After some time Raj married Kavita in the year 2003. Kavita Kundra occupations is a businesswoman.

A biography of Kavita Kundra is given below the table of content. Kavita Kundra's real name or we can say Kavita Kundra's full name is Kavita. Kavita Kundra's date of birth or birthdate is 01st March 1980. She was born in London.

Kavita Kundra Age

Kavita Kundra's age is 41 years old as of 2021. Kavita Kundra's profession is a Businesswoman. Also For Known about Kavita Kundra's bio or biodata, all the information will be given in this article. That means Kavita Kundra's profile information will be provided below the table content. 

Raj Kundra Age

Raj Kundra's birthday date is 9th September 1975. His age is 46 years old as of 2022.

Name Kavita Kundra
Nick Name Kavita
Date Of Birth 01st March 1980
Birth Place London (United Kingdom)
Age 41 years (as per 2021)
Occupations Businesswomen
Religion Hinduism
Gender Female
Ethnicity Asian
Nationality English
Hometown             London (United Kingdom)
Famous For As an ex-wife of Businessman Raj Kundra
Current town             Hampshire (England)
Marital Status Married but (Divorced-2006)
Husband Name Raj Kundra

Also Known,

Kavita Kundra Career and Journey

Kavita Kundra was born on 01st March 1980. She is 41 years old as of 2021. Also, she is born into an Indian-British businessman family in London of United Kingdom. Kavita Kundra has only one child of her parents. That's why Kavita is upbringing very well in her life. 

Kavita is a very talented and scholer student in her education. For that reason, his father can decide on Kavita's Marriage to a businessman. That time Kavita meets Raj and Kavita's father Bal Krishan decides Kavita's marriage with Raj Kundra. 

Kavita Kundra Present Husband

Raj Kundra and Kavita Kundra were in a long and close relationship and then they were married to each other. they were married in the year 2003 but after three years some personal reasons raj divorced Kavita. At the divorce time, Raj Kundra and Kavita Kundra have one daughter who has two to three months years old. 

Deleena Kundra Instagram

Kavita Kundra's Daughter's name is or says Kavita Kundra ki beti ka name Deleena Kundra. Raj Kundra first daughter Deleena Kundra. And Kavita is famous as Raj Kundra's first wife or Raj Kundra's Ex-wife. In the divorce court judge could be decided to be allowed to meet Deleena once a week with her father but Raj could not meet his daughter. Raj Kundra's first wife's and daughter's name is Deleena Kundra.

Kavita Kundra with Deleena Kundra

Kavita Kundra is living now in Hampshire in England with her daughter and parents. That is his father's house. Deleena can be studying in the UK. Kavita Kundra is still not married which means she is still single. But her Ex-husband Raj Kundra is married to very pretty and clever Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Kavita Kundra Daughter's Age

Her birth date is 22nd February 2006. She is 15 years old as of 2022. Her age is 22 years as of 2022.

Raj Kundra Age First Wife Name

On other hand, Kavita Kundra has no Second Husband because she has not seconded married anyone. Shilpa Shetty is one of the top actresses in Bollywood cinemas. they were married on 22nd November 2009. she is always in communication because of its beauty and fairness. Kavita Kundra and Shilpa Shetty are good friends. Kavita Kundra on Shilpa Shetty is very higher.

Kavita Kundra Husband

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Kavita Kundra Education and Qualification

She was going to a local high school in London for her studies. After their study, she completed her graduation from the University of London in the United Kingdom.

Educational Information
School Local high school, London
College University of London

Kavita Kundra Family Information

Kavita Kundra Mother's name is not known but we will be updated soon.  Her father's name is Bal Krishan. Her Brother and Sister's name or also say her Sibling name is not known. His Husband's name is Raj Kundra both are married in 2003. but after three years both taken divorced and at that time Kavita has the mother of one daughter her name is Delina Kundra. she is the first child of Kavita Kundra.

Family Information
Mother Not Known
Father Bal Krishan
Husband Raj Kundra (2003-2006)
Sister Not Known
Brother Not Known
Father-in-law N/A
Mother-in-law N/A
Son N/A
Daughter Deleena Kundra
Boyfriend Raj Kundra 

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Contact Information

Biography Kavita Kundra Instagram is given below the table of content to information. Her phone number or contact number details are not known. She has not used Twitter and Facebook therefore not the information was given on her Facebook and Twitter account details. 

Kavita Kundra Instagram

Her Instagram account details are given below table. She has used Instagram Not known yet. Also, she is not used to Linked In and Youtube. That means Kavita Kundra is not active on social media platforms. Also, people can search for Kavita Kundra's story on Deleena Kundta Instagram.

Contact Information
Phone Number -
Twitter Not Known
Facebook Not Known
Instagram Not Known
LinkedIn Not Known
Youtube Not Known

Physical Information

Kavita Kundra's height is 5 feet 6 inches (in feet), 1.68 m (in meters), and 168 cm (in centimeters).  her weight is 53 kg (in kilograms) and 117 lbs (in pounds). Her eye and hair color both are Black. Kavita Kundra's skin color is fair. The zodiac sign of Kavita Kundra is Gemini. On other hand Raj Kundra's zodiac sign is Virgo. Her shoe size is 07 Inches.

Physical Information
Height 5'6" Inch
Weight 53 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Fair
Zodiac Gemini
Shoe Size 07 Inches

Kavita Kundra Net Worth

After her divorced, she is dealing with his father's business. The net worth of Kavita Kundra is 50 crore in Indian rupee or $5 Million. 

Also Known,

Raj Kundra's exwife Kavita Kundra

Favorite Lists

Actor Hritik Roshan
Actress Katrina Kaif
Dancer Tiger Shroff
Singer Alka Yagnik
Sport Chess
Sportsman M.S. Dhoni
Food Burger
Desert Doughnut
Place Singapore
Brand Under Armour


  • Who is Kavita Kundra?
    ⮚Kavita Kundra is a first or exwife of Raj Kundra.

  • Is Kavita Kundra married or remarried?
    ⮚Yes, Kavita Kundra was married in 2003 but in 2006 she was divorced from Raj Kundra. 

  • Where is Kavita Kundra now?
    ⮚Kavita Kundra is now in Hampshire.

  • What is Kavita Kundra doing now?
    ⮚Kavita Kundra is handled his father's business in the UK.

  • Is/did Kavita Kundra married again?
    ⮚No, She doesn't married again.

  • Did Kavita Kundra cheat?
    ⮚Not Known yet.

  • Is Kavita Kundra Shilpa Shetty a friend?

  • Is Kavita Kundra Punjabi?

  • What Kavita Kundra do?
    ⮚Kavita Kundra handled his father's business in the UK.

  • When did Kavita Kundra break marriage life?
    ⮚In 2006

  • Why did Kavita Kundra split?

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